Automatic pool covers save on heat, chemicals, and the cost of winter and solar covers.

The pool will stay much cleaner and will keep out un-invited intruders with a turn of a key. If you live in an area with a lot of animals, children, or teenagers, this is without a doubt one of the best investments for any pool.

By applying all of these great benefits, you could easily save up to half on your auto cover investment. 

Just like the MasterCard commercial:
There are some things you can put a price on, and others. . . you just can’t!

Pool Safety Covers

Benefits of Safety Covers:

  • Keep children and animals out of the pool.
  • Easily put on and off.
  • Less chance of dumping debris in pool.
  • Drain pool less in the fall.
  • Add less, if any, water in the spring.
  • Stays nice and clean looking!
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